Dedicated Truckload Service

Bradway is known for quality, on-time deliveries. Loads are secure in a system that is large enough to be efficient yet small enough to be closely monitored and well-managed. Our drivers are well-known in the industry for a track record of safety and no issues with claims.

Because someone accountable is always accessible to customers, shippers and drivers, concerns are addressed honestly and real answers and workable solutions can be counted on. Shipping rates, while remaining competitive, reflect the quality that customers have come to associate with Bradway. Bradway has also won Best Carrier awards from several Fortune 500 companies.

Quality of relationships is one of the driving forces behind Bradway’s success. Our dispatchers know their drivers well, and we schedule assignments that correspond to a driver’s aptitude and communicate in real time with drivers. All of this serves to ensure a quality on-time delivery.

Bradway is flexible and open to working with customers and new technologies. If something is not feasible or cost-effective it is communicated clearly and in a spirit of cooperation until a viable solution is found. We employ technologies such as EDI freight billing and statuses, auto email shipment statuses, vehicle tracking, and other business solutions, and we employed electronic logs well before it became industry mandated.

Our location in Vineland NJ makes us convenient to both Philadelphia and the Delaware Memorial Bridge. We are also located just two hours drive from New York City.

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