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It takes more than trucks to make a successful trucking company. Bradway knows the importance of great drivers—they make it their aim to hire quality so they can deliver quality.

It’s easy for drivers to feel as though they are a nameless, faceless employee — a number without a voice. Because Bradway is a family-owned and operated business, they are personally involved with the day-to-day operations of the company. There is a good relationship between the company and its drivers and owner-operators. Bradway drivers are recognized and receive an above average wage, with bonuses and benefits. What drivers have to say is important. Bradway’s open door management style means employees have access to the people who are in a position to take their concerns to heart.

Our drivers are not only paid a competitive wage to industry leaders, but also are given top equipment and reasonable scheduling. At Bradway we believe in a strong work-life balance. Our drivers work hard, but they are guaranteed to be home every weekend, and we offer paid time off along with holidays off. We have a Driver of The Month program, and our incentive bonuses are reachable…if you deliver what you’re supposed to without an accident, you’ll receive your bonus.

We include our drivers and their families in company events, and drivers speak with the owners personally on a daily basis. If you work for us, we will work for you.

  • For information regarding Bradway’s hiring policy, click here.
  • To download and fax the pre-screen application, click here and fax back to Shawn Wilson at 856-692-0391.
  • For further information contact Shawn Wilson at 856-692-1448 ext. 216 or
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